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Almost 100 years of combined experience in data processing and market research gives our team the ability to tackle any project. In addition to the services listed below, our team can develop custom solutions to meet the needs of complex projects.

What we do

Today's business world is hyper-competitive. DataMax offers a wide range of services to meet an organization's needs and ensure success in competitive markets.


Survey Design

Customized survey instruments to address client queries and anticipate related questions.

Data Collection

Many methodologies are available, such as on-line panel studies, one-on-one interviews and others.

Data Processing and Reporting

Detailed and vibrant reports to enhance the understanding and presentation of your data.

Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Proven success in delivering products and services in a wide variety of global languages.

Product/Concept Testing

Fully understand the viability and success probability of your organization's ideas.

Statistical & Data Analysis

Proven statistical and computational methods to produce accurate and valuable analysis.


Multirater (360) Feedback

Full-service management of 360 surveys to capture candid and objective organizational feedback.

Brand Tracking

Stay up to date with how your clients view your business and its products/services.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive, happier, and produce higher quality work.

Marketing Research

Extensive quantitative and qualitative research to discover market trends and consumer behavior.

Business Analysis

Extensive business success analysis, including segmentation, key drivers, and price elasticity.


Decades of experience surrounding every aspect of surveying, reporting, and analysis.


Please click below to view working examples of several of our above listed services.

 Custom Solutions

In addition to the above list of our most popular services, DataMax leverages our team’s decades of experience to create custom solutions that meet the needs of even the most complex projects.

The DataMax team is equipped to handle any project in the survey, reporting, market research, and data analysis fields, among many others. We also maintain a diverse list of sub-contractors to complement DataMax’ expertise, to ensure projects uphold our exceptional quality standards.